Its gonna be tougher than I thought:
*Decide if i will accept internship with local broadcaster that comes out to 20 hours of unpaid time every week for 10 weeks. (equates to college credit)
*Make time to work as a local photographer's assistant on weekends to photograph Youth organizations for which I will have to provide my own high end equipment.
*Informal photography classes at local unversity, 2 classes every week for 2 hours each day for 6 weeks.
*Preparations for upcoming semester that I had intened to tackle fulltime. No financial obligations luckily. (paid for)
*Work out my finaces to be able to purchase dSLR without effecting family budget.
*Continue working Fulltime at current job to keep bills paid.
*Be as attentive and responsible to my wife and daughter as possible and not let my other responsiblities affect the relationship we have now.
*Improve artistic eye and develope whatever will eventually set my photographs apart from everyone elses.

Do I really want this? Yes
Can I do what it takes to achieve what I want? Maybe. Not as confident as I need to be.

Onto the photo: Ash took this one and I was so jealous.
She has always snapped better shots than I do. Composition and color arrangement seem to come naturally to her. She always nabs that key moment which is impressive when photographing our daughter who never stops moving. If Raya is my inspiration, Ashley is most definately my motivation. That jealousy I feel when I see her daily photos always sparks a competitive instinct to try harder and be more creative. What's ironic is she doesn't realize how good she is , but insists my photos are great!


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Where would I be without the family and friends that I have? My mental well being is a patchwork quilt of advice and mentorship from those closest to me. I believe any strength and good character I have is drawn from those I am blessed to have in my life . Much as Superman is nothing without the rays of the sun, who am I without the rays of love from them. I can say honestly that this dream would never be a reality without them, for each, in the biggest way, is part of what i dream for.


lounging jimshot best friend's dog cow wrong way yellow snake spider the pick Mike knows basketball swinging in the evening survivor quiet observer Beautiful popsicle The shot Raya and Grandpa 2 raya on porch raya takes a walk Cloud Play loading up scene from picnic table cap Rainy Day blocks glowing cross 3
I've read that a great photographer sees what his audience wants to see. Maybe I'll have to evetually tailor my "eye" to that ideal. I look for art everywhere. It has become common practice for me now. As I start to look more at composition and technique, I hope to never lose the natural sense I had when making whese photographs. I could even now go back and make technical critiques but I can't deny that I absolutely love looking at these. Am I my own biggest fan? Ash assures me I'm not. Even though my shots are varied in subject I feel there is a distinct style starting to form, a certain sense of pulling out a familar idea from each photo. Maybe I'm just looney. More can be viewed at http://flickr.com/photos/christopherd6/


It was with this picture that I realized instinct had kicked in. When without much thought or planning I knew this was a shot I wanted to have. I don't think any amount of technical knowledge can give you the instinct to capture life. I had been focusing so much on function and technical skill in the weeks before, it felt good to capture this shot naturally without thinking.

I just re-read this post and realized how pretentious it may sound to people who don't know me. I am a 50/50 personality type, 50% analytical(technical) 50% imaginative(creative). It makes for an interesting dynamic when analyzing my creative thoughts and putting them into words and vice versa. I only intend to express my feelings on my photography. I understand I still have a long way to go before I'm great, but I observe and analyze my progression to better understand my growth. That is the only way it makes sense to me.

If after that explanation, you still gather that I am obstentacious, arrogant or pretentious... make like a group of seagalls and go flock yourself and add crude to the list. J/K (sorry Mom if you are reading this)


Don't know where this road will lead me but i know it starts here. The beauty I see in this world, I want to share with everyone. (Beauty doesn't equal pretty) I have found a way to truly express myself and finally realize I never needed words. The stars have aligned to guide me and though the path may be long and rough, I don't walk it alone. I have my wife, daughter and family and friends that love me and want this for me. How lucky am I?