Its gonna be tougher than I thought:
*Decide if i will accept internship with local broadcaster that comes out to 20 hours of unpaid time every week for 10 weeks. (equates to college credit)
*Make time to work as a local photographer's assistant on weekends to photograph Youth organizations for which I will have to provide my own high end equipment.
*Informal photography classes at local unversity, 2 classes every week for 2 hours each day for 6 weeks.
*Preparations for upcoming semester that I had intened to tackle fulltime. No financial obligations luckily. (paid for)
*Work out my finaces to be able to purchase dSLR without effecting family budget.
*Continue working Fulltime at current job to keep bills paid.
*Be as attentive and responsible to my wife and daughter as possible and not let my other responsiblities affect the relationship we have now.
*Improve artistic eye and develope whatever will eventually set my photographs apart from everyone elses.

Do I really want this? Yes
Can I do what it takes to achieve what I want? Maybe. Not as confident as I need to be.

Onto the photo: Ash took this one and I was so jealous.
She has always snapped better shots than I do. Composition and color arrangement seem to come naturally to her. She always nabs that key moment which is impressive when photographing our daughter who never stops moving. If Raya is my inspiration, Ashley is most definately my motivation. That jealousy I feel when I see her daily photos always sparks a competitive instinct to try harder and be more creative. What's ironic is she doesn't realize how good she is , but insists my photos are great!


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