lounging jimshot best friend's dog cow wrong way yellow snake spider the pick Mike knows basketball swinging in the evening survivor quiet observer Beautiful popsicle The shot Raya and Grandpa 2 raya on porch raya takes a walk Cloud Play loading up scene from picnic table cap Rainy Day blocks glowing cross 3
I've read that a great photographer sees what his audience wants to see. Maybe I'll have to evetually tailor my "eye" to that ideal. I look for art everywhere. It has become common practice for me now. As I start to look more at composition and technique, I hope to never lose the natural sense I had when making whese photographs. I could even now go back and make technical critiques but I can't deny that I absolutely love looking at these. Am I my own biggest fan? Ash assures me I'm not. Even though my shots are varied in subject I feel there is a distinct style starting to form, a certain sense of pulling out a familar idea from each photo. Maybe I'm just looney. More can be viewed at http://flickr.com/photos/christopherd6/


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