Wow! The Response has Been Amazing!

There has been a tremendous response to the interview with Flickr photographer Rebekka!
Her latest piece won her the rank of INTERESTINGNESS for September 29, 2005. Congrats Rebekka! I have decided to continue the interviews weekly (as regular as possible) among my other daily observations. I am still in the process of redesigning the site so as soon as I have the time to finsh the layout and impliment you can expect a more full fledged website as opposed to just a blog.

The next Flickr Favorite Interview will be with Velvet G followed shortly by an interview with TeeveesBella. Both are fantastic photographers so look for those soon!

Rebekka has agreed to a 2nd interview so look for that within the next few weeks as well!

I have appreciated the emails and encouragement from readers. Thanks you guys!


They tend to use it to their advantage

they tend to use it to their advantage
Originally uploaded by _rebekka.

nevrchild -
Rebekka, can you give us some background, kinda let everyone know who you are and what you do for a living?
Rebekka - well... in short, I'm a student at Iceland's academy of the arts, studying for a B.A. in visual arts .. and a single mom of two boys.. my art/photography pretty much take up all the time that doesn't go into raising my kids..
nevrchild -
I also read you are a "self taught portrait artist", tell me a little about that and how it started
Rebekka - How it started? hmm..can't really remember.. I've been drawing people since I was tiny.. I started doing realistic pencil drawings from photos when I was 14 and have been perfecting the technique ever since.. started selling them 2 years ago.. I'm now 27... so that's.. 13 years I've been practicing
nevrchild -
And photography, Is it something you have grown up with as well?
Rebekka - no.. I wouldn't say that.. I actually only started taking pictures seriously in April of this year (2005).. once I started tho I realized this is what I am supposed to be doing.. I had taken some photography classes, learned how to develop film and make prints, but all my digital know-how has come from my own experimentingg
nevrchild -
what in particular sparked your interest in photography as an art form
Rebekka - hmm.... that's a good question.. it just sort of evolved.. I think it was when I started taking macro shots of stuff, and realized photos could be so much more than snapshots . then when I got myself the camera I'm using now I kept seeing new ways of interpreting my surroundings.. and myself of course.. and its just endlessly fascinating to me.. the selfportraits for instance... I know it probably seems like the worst sort of vanity to a lot of people.. but to me its just exploration... I'm also sort of making a character out of myself... an alter-ego of sorts.. that isn't at all what I'm like in real life
nevrchild -
A lot of us are wowed by the technology behind digital imaging, so for all the techies reading this, tell us the camera you've chosen as your tool and why you choose it
Rebekka - I use a canon eos 350d... which I chose to be able to have the full manual option (which I use almost exclusively) .. and I'd heard it was a great camera.. wasn't disappointed
nevrchild -
speaking on the self portraits, which seem to be your most popular shots, how do you come up with the creative ways of photographing yourself?
Rebekka - comes really naturally for me....I'm always thinking and planning my photos before hand, I feel a constant need to keep pushing myself further... be more creative.. find new angles.. I never stop thinking about this stuff..
nevrchild -
before photography, did you take a similar approach in your penciling? Did you draw any self portraits?
Rebekka - yeah, I did.. I have several drawn selfportraits on flickr... I just got a mail now, from some guy on flickr... telling me I'm really overrated, and the only reason for my popularity is because I use my appearance ... (sorry I'm turning the interview around) but id like to ask what you think about that
nevrchild -
your beauty has lent itself to the popularity and appeal of your photographs, I think that goes without saying. I think that what it takes to interpret "YOU" into the beautiful photographs you have taken takes exceptional talent, and furthermore, to produce art, takes every bit of who we are, whether drawing, painting, photographing or writing, our work is at its best when we pour ourselves into it
you had said earlier, "once I started tho I realized this is what I am supposed to be doing..", I share in that sentiment, and if I had the level of talent to create self portraits as well, I would, but I don't, what
I have instead is a beautiful daughter who loves the camera and that part of me becomes my strength as a photographer
We photographers are egotistical to begin with. We believe that our view or interpretation of the world is so unique that we must share it with the world. What photographer has never attempted a self portrait? I think a lot of people may be jealous of the fact that as difficult as self-portraits are, you do it well, consistently. Shake the haters off girl!
Rebekka - yeah, I looked through your photos earlier.. Your daughter's adorable. how old is she?
nevrchild -
My daughter is nearly 14months and potty trained!
Rebekka - well that's something to be proud of! mine were much older when they accomplished that tho I can hardly remember what it was like when they were that little..
nevrchild -
your sons are beautiful. they look a lot like you, daddy got his butt whipped in the gene pool!
Rebekka - their dad isn't a part of their lives at all. just quit on them.
nevrchild -
sorry to hear that
nevrchild -
I'd like to move on to more technical discussion. When I saw your photographs, I remember thinking, "how did she do that?" Do you mind discussing some of your trade secrets?
Rebekka - well, I'm not too thrilled about revealing tricks.. but try me..
nevrchild -
you just recently uploaded "psycho" which comes from latest series of multi-exposure shots where you and your subjects are featured multiple times. how did you go about that?
Rebekka - its a lot easier than it looks.. I will tell you how this is done.. the camera is mounted on a tripod, you take several pictures with the exact same frame, moving yourself (or whatever subject your working with) around the frame in each photo, and then use one of the photos as a background and merge parts of the others into it using photoshop.. I wasn't taught how to do it so I'm not sure if my method is the same as that used by others, but I use the "clone " tool.... can't really explain it any better in words alone
nevrchild -
You have found some very creative ways of using this technique. Where do you draw your inspiration from? What is your creative process?
Rebekka - well, I try to imagine an interesting scenario.. some sort of surreal interaction between me and myself... which is exciting for me to create because obviously there's something unreal and out of whack to it.. I think this is the same as with any other technique, its the subject matter, lighting and mood that sets it apart.. not the technique itself..
nevrchild -
what type of lens do you use most often?
Rebekka - up until now I only had the 18-55 mm kit lens, but last week got myself the 10-22 mm, which is great .. the recent extra-longexposure night shots were taken with that . well, actually all the most recent ones were taken with the 10-22 mm... lends a rather odd look to my face
nevrchild -
self-timer or remote?
for the self portraits, I mean
Rebekka - both got a remote cable last week as well, don't have the other kind yet.
nevrchild -
where do you want your photography to take you? do you want to go pro, have this as a career, shoot for a living?
Rebekka - yes. definitely
nevrchild -
when will school be completed?
Rebekka - in three years. I just started this fall.
nevrchild -
I just started as well
we have a few things in common
so are you planning to wait to start as pro or are you presently making moves in that direction?
Rebekka - well, I have a contract with a Belgian company called Wallscapes, I dunno if you saw that in my profile, they have 13 of my photos available for printing on canvas, its a new company so I don't know how all that will turn out (meaning if ill make any money off it) but its a start.
nevrchild -
I believe your talent will take you as far as you want to go! Do you have any favorite artist whom you aspire to or are inspired by?
Rebekka - well, off the top of my head I would say Salvador Dali (the surrealist aspect of his art) and the photographer Cindy Sherman (pioneer in original selfportraits)
nevrchild -
both are exceptional talents! To wrap this up, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. we could do this all day but maybe should save some for another time perhaps? I'm sure there are several things we could go more in depth about so let's definitely do this again.
any closing words? (insert plug here)
Rebekka - hehe... hmm.. just a sec.. cant think of a single thing of course.. Its always like that when you need to say something clever....


The Drama of Black & White

I find it intriguing how the absence of color can change the feeling of a photograph. To take away color, that would technically help better define an image, is to enhance the drama or character of it. I am usually drawn to the crisp colors and sharply detailed images birthed by digital advances and enhancement, but have rarely come across any of those that evoke emotion like so of good B&Ws. There might be a metaphor for life wrapped somewhere in that observation.


Contradictory of an earlier post...

I have loved shooting the skyline this past week and have been very happy with the shots I've captured. These are a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think as I am much more interested in how these appeal to the viewer.

Today's reflection is an important one for most of us in the working world. Is it better to be half way up a ladder you don't want to climb or start at the bottom of one you do? I have worked the same general responsibilities at every employer. I have never been "happy" with a job, just varying levels of content with a paycheck every month. If a large part of my life is my job, then is it worth it for me to stick with the same role simply because it pays better than something I lack experience in but would possibly enjoy doing more? I am not a particularly patient person, so the idea of earning less now to eventually make what I can currently doesn't suit my sensibility, especially with a family.


Reenvisioned / Original

Can anyo
ne see the difference? Does anyone have a preference?


Defining my interests

fellow camera shopper cig break straggler wrong way a little help proposal 25cent tarrance chef Mike knows basketball gravity? the slide swinging in the evening survivor stroll to the coast packing up quiet observer popsicle rocking the rocker natural pianist bowling night Wardi watching the rain The shot Raya and Grandpa raya on porch passing in the park in the sun brother
I think as I am progressing my style and forte are becoming more apparent. I like to shoot photographs but what I especially love, is shooting candid photos of life as it moves on. I don't care much for poses and I'm the last guy you will hear saying "Say Cheese!" but I love to photograph people being people. I'd even go as far to say that I like sport photography because it is similar subject matter. Same could even be said for my nature photos, as they would not have drawn my eye were they staged. I think it is a blessing to see beauty in everday life.
Living is so extraordinarily simple to do yet can be interpreted with such complexity.

I like the name "Christographer"

Thinking of changing to white...

What do you think of same layout with white palette instead of black? Does anyone prefer this logo to the current one? Click on the image to see an example.


Chris A. Bear

This was one of the first gifts I gave to my dear wife almost six years ago. It has become my daughter's favorite stuffed toys as well. Now, he has become my new subject. If you look close you will see a little wear in the fur around his snout but other than that, he looks like new. There isn't any significance to that statement...just enjoy the photos.