And If I Fail...

What, you think it doesn't cross my mind?
I fear failure. I have come to terms with the fact that some things were not meant for me to achieve. I have never had serious thoughts of obtaining a level of greatness in anything particular, until photography, so as I adjust to having a goal, fear has set in. This fear is a strength though, and if not for it to keep me grounded in reality, I would have taken unnecessary risks.
I have a family that is the world to me. My wife enjoys my photos. In just this past week, I have received encouraging compliments from my mother, father, brother, and three of my aunts. If I fail to live up to what ever fame "great" photographers have achieved, so what, so long as my photographs have a home in the hearts of loved ones, right?...WRONG! I DREAM BIG. Despite how great it feels to have my family and friends appreciate my work, I want to be "Christopher The Photographer" Just writing it gives me butterflies.

Do I think I will be great?, no, I believe I will continue to learn and to improve and that soon others will think of my photography as great. Is that over ambitious?, maybe, but without your eye on a star why reach for the sky?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just passing through and wanted to comment on your excellant photography!! Your pictures are great and I am very impressed!

Thu Sep 15, 09:20:00 PM  
Blogger MsAfrodite said...

How about "and when I succeed..."
excellent pictures...all of them!

Sat Sep 17, 04:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Dalia said...

Today's church sermon was about envying those who we see as having more than we do...those who we see as being more successful. Why should we be jealous of someone who is only making the most of the gifts and talents that God has given him/her. The challenge is for each of us to discover what talents God has bestowed on us and then develop them to the best of our ability. Christopher, I think you've finally found yours.

Mon Sep 19, 01:03:00 AM  

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