Contradictory of an earlier post...

I have loved shooting the skyline this past week and have been very happy with the shots I've captured. These are a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think as I am much more interested in how these appeal to the viewer.

Today's reflection is an important one for most of us in the working world. Is it better to be half way up a ladder you don't want to climb or start at the bottom of one you do? I have worked the same general responsibilities at every employer. I have never been "happy" with a job, just varying levels of content with a paycheck every month. If a large part of my life is my job, then is it worth it for me to stick with the same role simply because it pays better than something I lack experience in but would possibly enjoy doing more? I am not a particularly patient person, so the idea of earning less now to eventually make what I can currently doesn't suit my sensibility, especially with a family.


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