Wow! The Response has Been Amazing!

There has been a tremendous response to the interview with Flickr photographer Rebekka!
Her latest piece won her the rank of INTERESTINGNESS for September 29, 2005. Congrats Rebekka! I have decided to continue the interviews weekly (as regular as possible) among my other daily observations. I am still in the process of redesigning the site so as soon as I have the time to finsh the layout and impliment you can expect a more full fledged website as opposed to just a blog.

The next Flickr Favorite Interview will be with Velvet G followed shortly by an interview with TeeveesBella. Both are fantastic photographers so look for those soon!

Rebekka has agreed to a 2nd interview so look for that within the next few weeks as well!

I have appreciated the emails and encouragement from readers. Thanks you guys!


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