Ever just fall in love with a photo? I absolutely did with this original. Even as I was preparing the shot I was thinking of all the possibilities of how I could interpret this image. It was shot in Raw format which gives an added dimension of complexity to processing an image. Every choice that a camera would usually make for you is at your command giving you complete control, and every once and again it is just enough rope to hang yourself with. So many creative possibilities, it is almost impossible to choose which I favor most. I spent maybe 2-5 mins per interation which is usual for me with any image but rather than just seeing it simply as"thats how I remember it" or "that's how it should look" I am stumped as to how this image could be most appealing. Any suggestions?


Blogger Christopher said...

can anyone other than me even notice these subtle differences? I'm neurotic! LOL

Mon Oct 10, 11:56:00 PM  

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