Trip to the Austin Zoo

As a treat for my daughter (though more so for myself!) we all went to the local zoo this past week. My daughter was especially excited and chased after every animal that crossed our path. My wife and I were geared up with cameras strapped around our necks and we ventured out to capture as many shots of the wildlife as we could. We were all captivated by the variety of animals there. As we trekked battling the heat and humidity, snapping nearly everything we came across (and Raya) it soon began to wear on us, the looks and demeanor of the caged animals. The effect of their seemingly sad disposition was amplified through the lens, so as I veered through, attempting to focus, it was if my heart "zoomed" in. I was saddened by the situation. I reminded myself and my wife who was under the same impression that these were "rescued" animals and there situation was probably much worse before.

While I doubt I would have felt differently without my camera, there is something to be said of the effect of targeting a subject. As I have started paying more attention to composition and placing more emphasis on capturing a story in each shot, the emotional attachment to what I shoot grows stronger the more I shoot. I mean, what photographers do technically with each shot is place a frame around life that says, "This is all that matters!" so to some degree we have to believe that, even if only for a moment, to take a good shot.

Unfortunately, some feelings stay with us longer than we'd like so while I am satisfied with several of the shots we caught, it's still a little disheartening to think back on our trip. BUT, we had a pizza buffet afterwards!(had to end on a high note)


Anonymous cindy said...

Nice photos, and I couldn't agree with you more - animals should not be held in captivity but there wasn't much choice for the residents of Austin Zoo. Our goal is actually to be out of business. Nothing would please us more than to not be needed. Meaning - if the exotic pet trade would end - then we wouldn't have to provide lifetime homes for the human's judgemental mistakes. Again, great shots!

Sat Oct 22, 01:43:00 PM  

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