2nd Interview with Flickr Favorite Rebekka

Here is the follow up interview I promised so many weeks ago. Rebekka wanted to clear the air on some things and what better place to do it than here at Photography360. Additional Q&A will be held at http://www.flickr.com/groups/photography360-interviews/, Join today!

So, Rebekka, what have you been up to lately? How is school going? The kids?

School is just great, I’m really enjoying myself... its challenging, but mostly in a fun way.
Kids are fine as always. I've been busy today preparing my younger sons birthday which is tomorrow... they're growing up much too fast.
So creatively, what have you been up to?

Well... most of what I’ve been doing, I’ve posted on flickr. Been concentrating on the photography at school and during most of my free time. Now I’ve decided to take a short break from that and am working on a series of drawings.
That project is very much in its beginning stages so I cant really explain what its about. If I like the outcome I’ll most likely post that on flickr as well.
Are you looking to diversify your works? I have noticed over the past few weeks a little bit of everything coming from you.

Yes, I'm very determined to try and keep everything open. Its much too early in my progress for me to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again, so right now I felt the best thing to do was to go back to my humble beginnings (the pencil and paper) and try to find new ways to look at drawing as an art form. I had been neglecting it in favor of my camera.
I’m sure it will open my eyes to something new and refreshing that will in turn help me find new and refreshing ways to approach the photography...
I don’t think anyone can produce endless work using one medium without beginning to feel a little burned out creatively...
I had been feeling that quite a bit in the past few weeks~
Have critics of your self-portraits played any part in this time of collection and refocusing? Have they played any part in how you view your work or what you have looked to produce?
Well, yes, of course all feedback I get causes me to step back and take a more critical look at what I’m doing, to question my motives for doing what I do.
I admit the rather harsh criticism I occasionally get on the self portraiture, accusations of being obsessed with myself and repeating myself, do sometimes hurt, but such comments in no way make me feel I have to stop doing self portraits...
In fact, the drawings I’m working on now are self-portraits, but of a completely different nature than what people are accustomed to seeing on my flickr page.
I realized the other day that I’ve been focusing on showing only my pretty side. But no one is pretty all the time. I actually don’t really see myself as pretty on a daily basis. So right now I’m busy studying my other side. The everyday me, not trying to look good, just me as I am when I’m alone and nobody's looking.
It’s a lot harder to work with.
Let's talk about the more provocative "clone" photo you posted recently. You know which I'm speaking of I'm sure, elaborate on that photo

Yeah. That one was fun to make.
It was done very late one evening when I was feeling extremely frustrated because I was unable to make an idea I had for some photos work like I had planned...
So on the spur of the moment I set up the tripod by my bed and had some fun acting out a scene in which it appears I’m about to make love to myself... something I’ve often wondered what would be like (I’m sure I’m not the only one)
I wasn’t trying to be original, and felt like I was pretty much repeating myself (using the clone technique) but I very much loved the result.
Is this part of a series or the final result of the project?
It wasn’t a project at all; completely spur of the moment, one time sort of thing.
At least until I figure out how to make the two me's touch.hehe.
Just kidding~
So how flattered must you have been to have a group setup in your honor?

Pretty flattered.
And certainly surprised when I saw how many people actually joined and contributed pictures to it.
Wasn’t expecting that at all.
And despite the fluff you still remain grounded. You are much a flawed human like the rest of us yet in the face of your popularity you seem unphased.

Probably because it seems very strange to me...
If fact, to speak to the subject of popularity, tell everyone about your latest ventures

Aha... well. I was interviewed the other day for an Icelandic magazine...
Just a small publication, but it will be the first time an interview with me is published, and I’ve very excited about it.
Somehow being recognized by someone here in Iceland is different than being "popular" on the Internet. Probably because it’s closer to me. Closer to real life. And hopefully will lead to something beneficial for me~
Well, over 2000 viewers read the “internet” published piece we did but I definitely understand the "real life" aspect.
As for the viewers, there was a bit of a flame war in the comments following our first interview,
Yes. That surprised me a bit....

This is my first follow up interview and you were my very first interviewee, what did you think after the first interview? And now? How do I measure against the professional?
Hehe...you're actually a lot more knowledgeable about art and photography than the journalist that interviewed me. At least I feel a lot more comfortable discussing things with you
Nah, I just fake it real good.
Why do take so many photos of yourself?

Because I enjoy it, for one...
And because it helps me to understand myself
I think it’s a necessary phase... I doubt I’ll always work so much with the self-portrait, but while I feel the need to, I will.
Even my closest friends have criticized me about it... but that hasn’t caused me to stop doing it.
I have noticed there aren't very many women who don't do that, so I'd assume most of your critics are male, is that correct?
Well, among my personal acquaintances, I’ve received much harsher criticism from females.... but when you mention it, most of the people that have been negative on flickr are male... I’d never really thought about that before....
The relatively fewer women that do comment, are generally very supportive and tell me I inspire them, which delights me of course.
And what do say to those you call it vanity, conceit, or say it is playing directly to your popularity?
I say that’s they're problem if they see it that way.
I’m not all that bothered by it any more.
Good for you. It’s a wonderful thing to elevate above the negative.
What are your most immediate goals?
Well, besides doing well, in school, and finding new ways to explore my art, I very much hope also to find some way to make a little money off what I’m doing. After all, I have two young mouths to feed besides my own...
Tell your son I said happy birthday,
How old will he be turning tomorrow?
He’ll be six.
Wow. Making you feel old?
Yeah. I mean, his brother is seven and a half... when he turns eight I’ll probably experience some sort of crisis!
I feel like I’m still 18
Sometimes I just look at these boys and feel amazed that they're mine. They’re so great.
Our original interview really helped my blog take off. Alot came for the interview and stayed, now I have a ton of regular visitors who browse my musings.
That’s cool....
And I had no idea over 2000 people read the previous interview. . Wow
It has been nice having you share your thoughts and stresses and triumphs every week.
Well, you're very easy to talk to
I’ve enjoyed it as well
Is there anything you'd like to close this interview with?

I would just like to thank you for taking an interest in what's going on behind my photos, and giving me the chance to open myself a little bit to the people that enjoy looking at my work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well again a very nice intie Christopher! ;-)
I msut check rebakka out...didn't see her pix yet on flickr..there are jsut to many to see them all... ;-)

keep u the good worx!
http://blog.jeronimo-online.be (dutch)

Thu Nov 24, 12:25:00 AM  
Blogger mike said...

Another nice casual, easy going, and yet informative interview with Rebekka. Good Job.

Mike Wood

"Carpe Diem"

Thu Nov 24, 04:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how is this interview informative? How does it help shed light on anything related to either Rebekka's work or your web site, Chris? I'm sorry to be negative since part of the interview tried to address the negativity-- albeit shallowly-- but really, the interview comes off as vapid as the photos.

Sun Nov 27, 06:58:00 AM  
Anonymous alexander said...

thank you for the interview, Chris. somehow I always wonder what is in Rebekka's head, creatively and inspirationally. And aside from the interview, i find it hard to "read" what she is all about. of course, her amazing artworks talk for themselves.

i find it incredibly laughable that even this interview will get attacked by the jealous people and the ones with lots of time to waste. but hey - that's the beauty of it - sometimes, people drop things and then become laughing stock for this. the tasteless Rebekka-haters are like that.

keep up the good work, Man. Hope, you'll get your equipment and it works like a charm. and Happy Hollidays!

Mon Nov 28, 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Skout said...

Christopher - nice site here, good interview(s), interesting subject.

_Rebekka - keep up the good work.

Wed Nov 30, 05:02:00 AM  
Blogger BobKings said...

Im falling in love! Rebekka is the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen!


Mon Jan 02, 05:28:00 AM  

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