Flickr to a Flame!

I completely disapprove of all that has gone on in the comments section of Solea's interview. It is unfortunate and discouraging to know that the work has been a defiled by the disgusting displays there. My intention has been to shed light and insight on the many types of very talented photographers that can be found on Flickr. My hopes were that through sharing techniques and goals and passions we could all benefit and grow as photographers.
I wasn't very proud of this interview as it was incomplete and didn't address many of the things I have tried to bring about in every other interview, yet it has been the most read and most talked about and most controversial. That says a lot about what visitors look to take from the interviews here.
Why bicker? Art is subjective. Popularity is circumstantial and conditional. Why does it all matter? We can all be successful without disparaging one another! For goodness sakes people let take whatever good we find in anyone and use it to better ourselves.

I am not a moralist and I will not close comments and prohibit expression here. I will remove the whole interview if necessary to circumvent the integrity of my blog and the interviews! My family reads this blog too and I am admittedly embarassed by this but, those who continue to come and read and comment, I give each the opportunity to redeem yourself and retract your comments if you see fit. If this continues as is, it will be removed!


Blogger Howard said...

Can you opt to prevent anonymous comments?

Thu Nov 03, 11:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Chris Stefan said...

Well I've seen some of the idiots comment on Solea's photos and galleries as well.

No idea what motivates people to act like turds.

However Solea's work speaks for itself. She is very talented and creative.

In my opinion her work is better than many other artists work I've seen in high-end galleries.

Personally I think the ankle-biters are just jealous.

Tue Nov 22, 10:24:00 PM  

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