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Some regulars may be wondering, "What happened to the site redesign you have talked about?", well, as things go, it became less and less a priority as photography has set in. Much of the reason behind my intial need to redesign was for sake of generating interest in design services. As some know I did attempt a career in web design and, by my measure, failed to generate substantial enough income or interest. I owned the necessary tools and did make a slight profit but really lacked the patience and passion I believe are cognative of a successful creative career. The experience has made me more cautious of future ventures such as the idea of turning photography into a business. What a thought!, to turn pro from less than 5 months experience. My patience in this will pay off as I'd hate to run the risk of dirtying a reputation before I even have one. I still have school to finish and mouths to feed and several things I need to take care of first. And more importantly, I love being Daddy more than being the "Christographer", so work, school and more work wouldn't work. Ashley's work must be seen as well as she has come along so much these past 5 months also. See her gallery here at Raya's Mommy on Flickr.
Interviews have been irregular. This is a result of just having so many other things to do. For fans of the Flickr Favorites interviews, I apologize for this. Know that many have volunteered and been contacted so its simply a matter of coordinating a time. Carpeicthus is next up and his interview will be posted this afternoon.
Another great observation to share, the counter in the bottom left corner tracks unique visitors. Since I added it only 2 months ago we have had 6925 unique visitors and over 10,000 pageloads. I'd never have expected that response to my little slice of the internet. I will be taking down the counter soon as I have found a more robust system for tracking traffic. This way, should i decide on expanding, I know precisely what brings people here and can do some predictive marketing based on content. No ads just yet.

One thing I am thinking of incorporating is Camera and Accesory assessments. Not like reviews, these assessments will be based on reviews by others and information provided through the web. May be a ways off though, but I am really excited to see Canon's response to the D200 monster.

Here is a screen shot of the layout I had built initially:
possible design idea


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