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grasshopper... on a stick bw monarch

"It is pointless to learn new techniques if you haven't mastered the old ones...if you intend to be a photographer of any substance then the techniques of photography should fit like a second skin.",-Paul Duckworth

I am not a patient person. I have often taken shortcuts to what I want to acheive, and while I have enjoyed few successes, the failures are numerous. There are several things in my life now that I have been patient for, but have never truly learned patience from these things.
Photography requires different levels of patience usually dependant on subject. My wife for instance, being much more patient than I, always manages to capture better shots of my daughetr than I do. Another example would be that I chase my sunsets and butterflies, I drive/walk from one locale to another quickly snapping off shots rather than waiting for my opportunity.
Moreover, I have been in photography for only near 5months and am frustrated with the limitations of my skill. I haven't really exhibited the patience to refine the basic principals of photography so my developement isn't on a track that I am happy with. I often rationalize my eagerness to tackle different fields so quickly with being "passionate" about photography. I now understand that my "passion" is misdirected as, had I focused on a single field I'd have a better comprehension of the aesthetics to make a great photograph. I will never limit myself to one type of photography, but I will, for sake of developing more completely, concentrate on mastering one field first.
I must be patient and understand that it will be far more rewarding to practice other fields of photography once I am more knowledgeable and the basics are like a "second skin."
For now, I am keeping a journal of all the ideas that pop into my head, for experimentation at a later date. Aside from whatever work and school may require my focus will be on nature photography. I am choosing nature for a few reasons, I'll share:
* Nature photography requires an extreme amount of patience.
* I haven't taken any classes or read any books on nature photography yet, so I'll be less likely to "shortcut" due to what I may have heard/read/learned before.
* It's the most accessible and the inital investment is minimal as I have most of what I'd need already.
* I am very intrigued by insects and flowers and can learn more about them.(then I can name my shots something other than "Pink Flower" and "Butterfly")
* Macro photography of insects is so freakin' cool! Those are the shots that I spend the most time admiring even before I really got into photography.

And to show how serious I am about being more patient, I am going to wait to post this entry until Sunday night. LOL


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