"Relatively" Closeup Nature Photography

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Per my last post, my new initiative is to begin again in my development as a photographer. My focus will be soley (mostly) on closeup nature photography as macro photography (the defining difference being a matter of magnification and reproduction ratio) isn't within my budget, but donations are welcome. My TOOL is a book by Robert Thompson called "CLOSE-UP & MACRO, a photographer's guide" It is a wonderful book that doesn't linger just on equipment and basic photo knowledge but ventures into useful field techniques and educates how to deal with adverse conditions, where to look for types of insects and vegetation, insight into what expectations are if you plan to sell, compositional practices for different subjects, etc. Among the many books I own now, this is by far the most complete.
My latest shot since reading it is this one below and I see a tremendous improvement as result of a better approach to my subject. Please feel free to comment!

Kung Fu Grasshopper


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