Shots From Trip to Lockhart

Here is what I came back with on Sunday. It was a great day and everyone was in good spirits. It was great watching Joe at work(my instructor). He has a highly developed eye for composition and so meticulous and quick at the same time. I realize where my next plateau needs to be.
The photos.
These are all I have processed so far. I came back with 20 solid shots out of the 180 I took (not anywhere close to as many as I thought I'd shoot) so not too bad as far as keeper ratio goes. Some may be turned off by the more "process heavy" shots. I don't care, its my art. I see these processing opportunities as I compose the shot, before I ever click the shutter so this is just as accurate a representation of what I saw as any. I tend to get very liberal when I have multiple shots of the same subject as to never see the same thing twice. I am most happy with the first image and the hard light and color burn. I think it screams industrial. I also like the tractor pics alot and they are "as shot" .

Lots of new material on flickr so check it out


Anonymous diseuse said...

Awesome, these are great. I've taken quite an interest in rural photography, so I really enjoyed these.
I'll head over to flickr to browse now.

Wed Nov 23, 04:16:00 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Thank you diseuse! I'll look for you on flickr as well! I still have several more to load!

Wed Nov 23, 04:30:00 PM  

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