In what may very well be the last of my days of shooting with my Canon Powershot S2 IS, my wife, cousin and I had a photoshoot. Using the p&s, some very creative lighting arrangements and a makeshift backdrop, we had a great time capturing photos. My cousin was a willing and patient model and allowed us to be creative.
I did perform portrait work briefly and one of the things I noticed before is that people usually have a strong conception as to how they should look. So they wear these faces that are not their own and the character rarely comes through (as evident in my self portraits). Sometimes its confusing because the camera may pick up on something we'd otherwise not notice. My cousin keeps the demeanor of a very serious guy, but I know him as playful. We wanted to shoot him as stern and serious but as we flipped through the shots of the "serious" faces, you could always see a trace of that joyful grin, especially once we were purposely trying to avoid it. I think it's always there, in spite of the look he'd like us to see.

Here are my favorites of that fun-filled night of shooting!


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