The Waiting Game

"No sense in buying something you’ll outgrow shortly especially if the resell value won’t be significant."
Okay, so I did pick and choose a quote among the large amount of feedback I got from emails, calls, and comments left here at P360, but this one comes from a very close family member who has my family's best interest in mind. Not to say others do not, just to say it really means something to get a Waterboy-like"You can do it!" from an in-law. Thanks Dalia! There were several excellent points made for both camera options (the D50 and the D200). I also recieved valuable insight from those currently achieving what I aspire to, and though I may not be where they are, they have walked my road before. So, my decision is... postponed. In fact, I think that although i had a few issues with the grip and usability of the XT, it was an excellent camera and still offers big advantages over the D50, such as the ever important "mirror lockup" for macro photography and depth of field preview which I was just starting to take advantage of. Then of course there is the 20d,(with rebate) that, prior to the announcement of the D200, was king of the hill in layout and pro-level functionality. I still really like the 20D and both sides have their respective advantages, Nikon D70s had the upper hand in metering and ergonomics, Canon had their low noise, high pixel count CMOS, excellent feature set and marketing. The D200 is stripping away Canon's advantages. I have seen the high ISO shots (nearly noise free) and the feature list is extensive. Couple those things with the advanced compatibility of old lens lines and add the weatherproofing and durability of an ergonomically "perfect" design (yes I held the F6 body yesterday) and you have got the best value in dSLRs.
"There are things on the D200 you won't know how to use. It is a difficult camera for an amatuer." When this was first told to me, I was naturally offended. Then I thought of how great that is! I'd have more to learn, more to experiment with, more to grow into. I still question the motive behind the statement but am thankful for what light it sheads on my decision.

of other note,
I was invited to attend another photography class held by one of my first instructors. He promotes me very well and I got to show off, and I loved it. We got to talking after class and he has some big plans for next spring. He wants to hold photographic workshops in a rural Texas town. Excellent idea and though I will have school, I will try to be as big apart of that as he wants me to be. It is nice that, even though my class has ended, he still keeps me in mind and mentions my name and exploits to others. I am attending another class field trip this Sunday but will be shooting with film as I don't have a camera of my own. I'll be using the classic Pentax ME Super! Really looking forward to it actually, although I will miss the instant gratification of digital. Thank you, to my uncle for lending it to me to shoot with during my time without.
Isn't family great?!

I will decide on my next camera once I have used the Nikon D200. The release date is vague and they have only specified "mid December" so it may be awhile. In the end, I will make the best decision for me as only I can. I have appreciated all advice on the matter and will take all into consideration. Thanks to all who have cared enough to respond. Happy shooting and happy holidays to everyone.


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