Why Do I Photograph?

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someone asked, "Why do you take photos?"

What a question. My answer is very simple.
I have an ego when it comes to sharing my views, coupled with a strong meritocratic ambition. Thoughts, ideas, observations, likes and the like aren't shared often, but when they are, I expect others to take notice. Photography is a natural creative progression from pencil drawing I did and obsessed over in my early years, followed by a seasonal trade off with poetry. As I came to be responsible for other things I had only the time-in-between to create. It eventually became habit to only be creative in the tedious down time of work or school. The urge would creep in and for 5-10mins here and there throughout the day I would write or draw. This satisfied the urges.
Enter the first digital camera purchased in accordance of the birth of my beautiful nephew. I became the documentor of his early life. Some shots were good, some were bad, all were snap shots. A year later, came my own beautiful daughter and being the proud Papa I was, I again began to document. So did my wife. I began to notice her shots appealed to me more than my own, but happily I shared our photos with everyone with eyes.
The oohs and ahhs of my daughter and nephew's images became misconstrued in my head with ohhs and ahhs in regard to my snapshots. So I took more and tried to best my wife.
Fast forward- our anniversary approached and I figured a great gift to ourselves would be a new camera to better capture our lives with our little girl. First the Samsung v700, which I returned and then the Canon S2 IS, both chosen for thier video capabilities. In chosing I became so entranced by the technology that I absorbed every bit of info I could which spilled over into the art of photography. I begin to shot other material, subjects and in new ways. 12x optical zoom will do that to you. Soon, I was carrying my wife's gift everywhere with me and photographing everything. Photography had taken over my dreams. My urges while sitting at work went from doodling, to leaving work and finding a nice place to shoot. I knew it was what I was suppose to be doing with myself. All the stars aligned, I enrolled in school, assisted other photographers, thought of interning, chased news stories, I was a photographer and felt envigorated everytime I could show my work. So a few months later, through a big push by family, I happened upon a Rebel XT as a dSLR was a requirement of a class I was taking. Deeper still I fell.
So now, 4 1/2 months after the purchase of the Canon S2, I am moving toward my career goal.

So to answer, why do I photograph?
Because my wife took better photos than I did.

And more deeply, because i want to share my "view" with everyone


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