and the world turns..

Even the most certain things can fall through. It is that very idea, that nothing is guaranteed, that makes life interesting. I consider myself very fortunate in the sense that, no matter what hasn't gone my way, I have been able to appreciate the experience it has provided. Since the birth of my daughter, I have gone up against tremendous obstacles that, in my younger days, would have crushed me. I am so optimistic in my dire times that upon reflection, I am often concerned. But, it is that very faith that all will work out, that I have made it through these trials. I have been extremely personal in my posts this month, and do not wish to continue with that level of candidness, however, it is nice to share with everyone that the most important things in my life are all in order.

I haven't been able to focus on my objective to learn spanish. The software I own is great but I don't feel that I am able to take enough time to make the most of it just yet. Last minute school issues have occupied my time, as well as my inability to pull myself away from articles and reviews and research of photography. Work is work and my current project is moving along a bit quicker now, though I am still ironing out the process. Everyday I feel so blessed to have a wife as understanding and patient. My daughter amazes me everyday. I have a family member who has been an incredible assistance to me, especially mentally as their support is a huge motivator. (Good relationships are good for the mind.) Most of all, I am happy with Christographer. I haven't let not having a camera stop my life from moving forward. I still whine on occassion but...

The camera is awaiting shipment per order staus checked today. That means that, not too very long from now, I will be shooting again. I couldn't possibly explain my joy. I have also been very actively marketing my services locally and have enjoyed a tremendous response. I have business lined up, so once I recieve my camera, I can start working toward compensating the cost(and looking at a new lens, Sigma 105 or 150mm macro)

I plan on resuming my interviews with photographers as time permits. Hopefully I will have one for all to enjoy this month. My apologies to all that have been waiting but my mind wasn't in to it and I'd rather have nothing than less than my best. I took on a responsibility to readers and I plan to live up to it.

All is well, and my hope is that soon, I'll be sharing my photos with you all again. I also hope we all take up every moment to be happy and appreciate these moments as the world turns...


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