A lot of time to post lately...

Not having a camera in my possession gives me a lot of free time.

If anyone really reads my ramblings, you may recall my mention of being a 50/50 personality type and how photography plays to both my analytical and artistic sensibilities. I think these past few posts are a stark contrast to those made during the time I was shooting well and regularly. Rather than just lighthearted musings that have accompanied photo posts, I, lately, need to analyze and clarify and sort and explain. I am not as happy a person when I am like this. I feel incomplete. My mind is churning out thoughts a million-a-minute and I hate trying to make sense of it. Instead of moping, and droning on about how I am not shooting now(cause I ain't), I'll detail my future plans so those closest know where I am mentally and those reading for amusement can get a good chuckle at how impossibly ambitious I am about photography.

In the next 3 months:
First and foremost I need to purchase a camera. For all my eventual needs, the most appealing option is(everyone say it with me now,) the Nikon D200. It is a good option for school, its a good option for work and it is approved for submissions to stock photo agencies. I have contacts in need of assistant shooters, so as soon as I am equipped I'll look into new photo work opportunities. I also have a contact that will set me up with a stock photo agency, so I need to find out how much income potential is there. I plan to join the local photographer association within the next few weeks, before school begins January 17th. Its a requirement of the curriculum so I figured I'd get a jump on it now. My classes are going to conflict with work much more than I thought. I believe it can be worked out though. So by the time school starts my plan is to continue to work fulltime with current company with adjusted hours of 7-3pm(no lunch), attend class on days scheduled throughout the week, shoot for whoever needs me ,practice and profit, on weekends, and spend every single moment in between with my Queen and Princess.
If the stock photography thing materializes, I'll ask my wife to devote some time to shooting for those purposes. Also, I have looked into having my photos displayed in some local shops and though I don't have anything I'd be confident selling now, I will once I start shooting again, I'm sure of it.

the end of May
will be the next big event as we have a trip to Hawaii scheduled and the semester will have ended. Maui will be my first real vacation and I hope to thoroughly enjoy it. I will bring back the definitive photos of that island and hopefully be rested enough to start it all again as I will attend the summer sessions as well. The program is initially only 5 semesters before I look into transferring to complete, so the sooner I knock those out the better. Maybe by this time, I'd have worked enough events to have a name for myself and can freelance on my own instead of assisting. I have made my current career through marketing so perhaps the obvious advantage of experience in promotion will lend itself to this endeavor.

A year is not a lot of experience in anything.
But by July of '06, I'd have been shooting and learning for one full year. What should I expect by this time? I'll still be a student. I have goals of what I would want to achieve for my family but what do I want for myself by this time? I have a meritocracy sense of success, so any recognition for my improvements will be great. Maybe through constant networking and marketing of myself, I can be recognized on a broad scale, even among the best of our many great local photographers.

In 2 years time,
Brooks Institute of Photography should be an open door, as should whatever employment a science degree in Photographic Technology can provide. I'll have a lot to think about at this time. My daughter will be 3 years old. Moving to California to continue my education would be a big step but probably easier to do before she'd start school. And what of my wife's dreams, what is necessary for her to accomplish her own goals? In 2 years I'd like to make a comfortable living from photography, comfortable enough for us to sustain as she followed her heart.

By 4 years end
I want to have taken a least one photo that has changed a life, or saved one, or inspired someone else to dream. If I do this at anytime in my career, I am a success. Fame and money are nice, but not what I am about. I photograph to share and to create, so I'd really like nothing more than to enjoy doing it as a career that can support the family and the habit (Lens acquisition Syndrome).

Wow! I feel so much better than when I started writing this. I could flesh it out a bit more but its 2am and I have tired my eyes from this and the constant web browsing for lens and camera research I have been doing nightly.

To all a wonderful day!


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